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Body Piercing Aftercare

Body piercing dates back over 4,000 years and has been used to signify strength, honor, and virility among many other cultural and ritual aspects of society. Roman soldiers practiced body piercing to show honor toward the emperor. Nipple art was born. Belly piercings in ancient Egypt were reserved for the Pharoahs and their families; no one else was permitted to have such mark of distinction.

Body piercing proclaimed wealth, luxury and social status in many societies were signified by ear piercing while such body art involving the lips were more directly tied to arousal and sexuality. Aztecs and Mayans used facial piercing because they believed that gold inserted through the lip had aprhodisiac qualities. The high priests of those societies pierced their tongues to allow for better communication with the gods.

Nose piercing is believed to have begun in the Middle East, the very seat of civilization, but increased in popularity after its introduction in India around the time America was being settled. If you've ever been near a National Geographic magazine, you've seen how natives in Africa took facial art to extremes. That same nose piercing from the Middle East was taken into Africa even before making its way to India.

Genital piercing exudes sensuality and is indicative of the importance a person places on his or her sexuality. Many persons claim genital jewelry also heightens sexual pleasure and, surely, that cannot be a bad thing.

Piercings are not to be taken lightly and certainly should not be a do-it-yourself project. Basic health concerns such as the use of sterile instruments and proper placement of body jewelry are among the guiding principles at 7th Street Tattoos and Piercing.

Customers of 7th Street Tattoos receive guidance and aftercare instructions for taking care of piercings to prevent infection. Body jewelry and body art is about individuality. You should also know that individuals have different tolerance levels for pain and that different parts of the body are more susceptible to pain than others.

Schedule an appointment to spend some time with Angela discussing your desires. Allow her expertise to guide you in the right direction. You will be much happier with your body art when everything is done to your satisfaction and individual needs. You can allow your personality to shine.

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